How to find a reliable Freight Forwarder For Shipping From China To The USA

How to find a reliable Freight Forwarder For Shipping From China To The USA

Are you struggling to choose a reliable freight forwarder for your cargo from China to USA?  It may result in delays, high shipping extra costs, or even lost shipments if you chose a wrong freight forwarder. Realizing that it is so important to choose a reliable freight forwarder. Then how to do?Finding a reliable freight forwarder between China and the United States would be challenging.If so, I suggest you to finish this guide article. You will know more about these.Following below the steps which we sort out may help you to find a reliable freight forwarder from China to the USA.

1. Market Research

Doing some research about freight forwarder companies on the current market. Learn more about their reputation and credibility. You can review the comments from internet search, consult other companies or the people who used these companies before. Google or Microsoft Bing is a good way to search what you want.

2. Evaluate the ability of the companies.

It's very important to evaluate the ability of the companies you plan to cooperate with. In addition to considering their qualifications and licenses, even more important it that they must have rich experience and professional knowledge in the freight industry. Including if they have the capacity for export and import operations, if they are familiar with the relevant laws and regulations both in China and the USA, if they have enough freight resources, etc. One important point, you need to know that company’s Mission, Vision and Core Values. If theirs are different from yours, you may think about more before cooperated with them.

3. Verify the credibility of the companies.

For the candidate freight forwarder, you can ask for references or examples from past clients. You can learn more about their credibility and service quality. But this is not a good way to know them well. As they will never show you the bad comment. You can consult the membership lists of relevant industry organizations or the rating results of rating agencies for more reference information. This is better than the first option.

4. To compare the quotations and service

Different companies will provide different quotations and services. Providing the same shipping data, to get as many quotation as possible from different companies. Comparing each item on the quotation, you will learn a lot from their quotation. Just emphasize, I don’t mean that the cheapest one is the right one to be choice. If you are interested in someone’s quote, then you can discuss more with them. Pay attention to verifying that additional services such as customs clearance, insurance and delivery are included, and understand relevant policies such as return shipping and claims processing.

5. Communication and negotiation

To discuss more detail with one of the companies, speak out your needs and requirements. Ensure that the agent can meet your transportation needs, such as transportation time, transportation mode, etc., and confirm the relevant cooperation terms and responsibilities.

6. Tracking freight.

Once start your shipment with one of the companies, keep in touch with the company. Well known the latest status. They have to provide the tracking number and update the latest status. When goods is in your warehouse, before you sign the POD, please confirm if the goods are in good condition or not.The above are detailed steps to find a reliable freight forwarder for shipping from China to the United States.If you are looking for a freight forwarding company, then you can consider to choose CUC.As your trusted international freight forwarder, CUC is focused on solving your shipping needs from China to the United States, eliminating the complexity of international shipping for you!

1. Performance of CUC.

CUC is a freight forwarding company who is approved by HK government and register in Hong Kong. We are the member list of NVOCC and FMC.


The headquarter of CUC is local in Shenzhen city China, branches and warehouses are widely distributed in major cities in China(Such as Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shantou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, Beijing, Dalian) and overseas major developed countries and regions (such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the European Union).CUC is a collection of sea, air, multimodal transport, inland transport, express, customs declaration, warehousing, cargo insurance in one of the comprehensive international logistics service providers, no matter what kind of transportation you need, CUC can always meet the freight service you want. If you want to ship some goods from China to the US, CUC is always ready to help you.

2. Reputation of CUC:

The core team of CUC focus on international logistics industry over 15 years. Under the joint efforts of CUC's experienced experts and enthusiastic service team, a large number of customers have been recognized. Making CUC become a trusted brand in the industry.CUC is also the gold member unit of Shenzhen Freight Forwarder Association and the member unit of industry association.







3. Shipping price of CUC.

As the designated freight forwarder of many excellent enterprises around the world, CUC is good at developing transportation solutions at competitive prices based on your shipping needs. CUC has rich international freight experience, professional knowledge and strong service network resources. It can save you up to 20%~60% of logistics costs.


4. Service of CUC.

The expert team from CUC is standing by 24/7 online. When you choose CUC to start shipping, all you need to do is confirm the plan and pay the shipping fee, the rest of the work will be handed over to our team of experts, and you just need to wait in the office/home for the delivery! CUC Butler's worry-free service can save you a lot of time and effort, so that you can expand more business.



As a local international freight forwarding company in China, CUC Can not only undertake the shipment from China to any other countries and region but also handle the shipments from other countries to China. Such as China to and from the United States, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Southeast Asia, South America and so on. While CUC is especially good at handling China's freight needs to the United States and Canada. More than 80% of CUC's customers are from North America. The CUC team has extensive operational and handling experience for shipments to North America , whether it is FCL sea, LCL sea, air or express. The shipping service of port to port, port to door, door to port or door to door, the trade clause of DDU, DDP, DAP, CIF, FOB or EXW and so on. CUC is confident in providing you with freight solutions at competitive prices and services. CUC's experts are ready to begin your worry-free transportation journey. 

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