The appointed freight frowrder of thousands of excellent entrerprises around the world.
CUC International Freight CO., Limited
CUC Logistic Services
CUC is a comprehensive international logistics service provider combining Sea Freight, Air Freight, Multimodal Transport, Inland Transport, Express, Customs Brokerage, Warehousing and Cargo Insurance. CUC committed to providing you with customized international logistics solutions with competitive prices, especially good at providing logistics solutions from China to North America.
Shipping from China to
Shipping from China to
CUC core teams have focused on the international logistics industry for more than 15 years, adhering to the service concept of "safety, profession, compliance, and flexibility", has served more than 5,600 customers and received wide acclaim. CUC will closely follow the development trend of international logistics and national policies to escort the safe circulation of your goods.
Your Trusted Amazon Freight Forwarder in China
If you want to or are selling goods on Amazon, you need a professional and trustworthy FBA freight forwarder to help you handle your shipments, then CUC will be your preferred partner!
  • Amazon FBA Sourcing
    Sourcing CUC has been sourcing products in China for customers from all over the world, getting better products and more competitive prices for you.
  • Amazon FBA Sourcing
    CUC can pick up the goods from your suppliers in China, and even if you have several different suppliers, we can combine them and ship them to you.
  • Amazon FBA Services
    CUC provides you with comprehensive commodity inspection services. The inspection service is included in the procurement service at no additional cost to you.
  • Amazon FBA Label Service
    CUC can help you print and paste FNSKU or any other label on each item to meet Amazon's requirements.
  • Amazon FBA Label Service
    CUC can remove the old packaging and repack the item in new packaging at your request.
  • Amazon Fba Product
    CUC offers a complete warehousing service to meet all your needs, whether it is short-term or long-term storage.
  • Amazon Fba Process
    CUC also offers professional photography services to enhance your business credibility and buyer confidence.
  • Amazon Fba Warehousing
    CUC will arrange your goods by air freight or sea freight to Amazon FBA according to your needs, and manage the whole process including customs clearance and tax payment.
Why Choose CUC?

As the designated freight forwarder of thousands of outstanding enterprise around the world, CUC is good at formulating the best service route and plan for you based on your needs and budgets.

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Saving Cost

CUC's rich logistics experience, profound knowledge and strong service network can save you up to 40% of logistics costs.

Safe and Worry-Free

CUC butler-style worry-free service can save you a lot of time and energy to expand your business. CUC will handle everything for you, you just need to wait for receiving your cargos.

Comprehensive Service

Whatever your shipping challenges, CUC has the right solutions for you.

Online Support 24/7

CUC is always here to support and help your business. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Which Freight Option Is Right For You?

CUC provides comprehensive freight forwarding services, covering all modes of transportation including sea freight, air freight, multimodal transport, customs clearance and warehousing. CUC always considers and solves problems for customers from the perspective that is beneficial to customers. Whatever your shipping challenge, CUC has a solution for you!

  • Shipping from China to the World
    Sea Freight?

    International sea freight is the cheapest way of transportation, suitable for large quantities of shipments with low timeliness requirements.

  • Shipping from China to the World
    Air Freight?

    International air freight is fast and has excellent service, suitable for large-volume shipments with high timeliness requirements.

  • Shipping from China to the World

    International express is fast and excellent in service, suitable for delivery of documents or delivery of small batches with high timeliness requirements.

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