The Expert of Air Freight Forwarder

The Expert of Air Freight Forwarder

Escort the safe circulation of your cargoes.

As the designated air freight forwarder of thousands of outstanding enterprises around the world, CUC always cooperate with reliable first-class airlines to provide competitive rates, guarantee the shipping space even during peak seasons, and provide high-quality services. CUC can ship the cargo from anywhere in China to anywhere around the world. CUC has expert teams with more than 15 years of experience who will match the most suitable route according to your air global cargo, provide the customized and diverse services on demand for your flexible choice. Expert teams' 7*24H online free service for you.

Types of Air Freight

Economical Air Freight

Economical Air Freight

Our economical air freight services provide cost-effective shipping solutions for your cargo. Trust us for reliable and efficient transportation of your goods to destinations worldwide.

Transit time: 9+ working days

Advantage: save you the most on air freight

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Standard Air Freight

Standard Air Freight

Our standard air freight services offer dependable and efficient transportation solutions for your cargo. Trust us to handle your shipments with professionalism and reliability, ensuring timely delivery.

Transit time: 6~8 working days

Advantage: the highly cost effective

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Premium Air Freight

Premium Air Freight

Experience premium air freight services with us, offering exceptional reliability and efficiency for your high-priority cargo. Trust us for secure and expedited transportation to destinations worldwide.

Transit time: 3~5 working days

Advantage: Punctuality and stability

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Urgent Air Freight

Urgent Air Freight

For time-sensitive shipments, our urgent air freight services deliver your cargo quickly and securely. Count on us for expedited transportation solutions to meet your urgent delivery requirements.

Transit time: 1~3 working days

Advantage: The Fastest speed and Stability

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Popular Customized Air Freight Services

CUC is committed to becoming your preferred partner in China. In order to meet your requirements on air freight charges and delivery speed, CUC expert teams are good at providing customized and diversified services on demand, for you flexible choice.

  • Port to Port
  • Port to Door
  • Door to Port
  • Door to Door
  • DDP (Delivery with Duty Paid)
  • DDU (Delivery with Duty Unpaid)

Under What Circumstances Should Choose Air Freight?

Air freight is the fastest mode of cargo transportation for modern freight, with the advantage of fast and security, has won the favor by a quite large umber of customers. It greatly shortens the delivery time and effectively improves the turnover rate of your funds. Generally, for urgent cargo, in the case of inland transport, sea freight and other transport cannot meet the requirements of the time limit, it is recommended to be chosen Air freight.

Which Commodities Are Suitable For Air Freight?

Compared with sea transportation, international air cargo transportation has the characteristics of fast and safety. Therefore, for commodities with high value and high timeliness requirements, you can use the air freight services:

1. Suitable for products with high timeliness requirements

One of the advantages of international air freight is its fast timeliness, which is very suitable for transporting goods with high timeliness requirements, such as fresh goods and seasonal goods. Fresh commodities have high requirements on timeliness. Air freight can ensure the freshness and survival of commodities, which is conducive to the development of long-distance markets and avoids losing the original value of commodities due to delayed transportation. For seasonal goods, air freight can ensure the market before the sales season and avoid the cost of not being able to sell due to missing the season.

2. suitable for high-value commodities

Another advantage of international air freight is its high security, it is also very suitable for transporting high-value commodities, such as various electronic products, mobile phones, electronic watches, accessories, laptops, tablets, etc. Light in weight and high in value, it is suitable for international air transportation.

In a word, the international air freight can meet the timeliness and safety needs of customers, and is deeply loved by international trade customers.

How to Start Your Shipment?

CUC always committed to providing the most economical, most suitable and safest cargo logistics solutions for you under the premise of complying with laws and regulations, and providing you with worry-free services through professional process management. When you choose CUC to start your shipment, you can follow the flow chart below, and the rest of the work will be handed over to our expert team, you just need to wait in the office/home to receive the goods!

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