Attention please! Shanghai Port is closed due to heavy fog | Shipping company issues delay notice

Attention please! Shanghai Port is closed due to heavy fog | Shipping company issues delay notice

Affected by the humid and warm air flow, heavy fog occurred in the areas along the Yangtze River Estuary in Shanghai on April 15. The visibility in the waters of the Yangtze River Estuary was less than 100 meters. Traffic control continued to be implemented in the incoming and outgoing channels of the South Channel and North Channel of the Yangtze River Estuary. In the International sailing ships in Shanghai Wusong Port Area, The normal entry and exit order is affected. On that day, a total of nearly 30 international ships within the jurisdiction of Wusong Border Inspection Station changed their entry and exit plans.


According to the Wusong Border Inspection Station, due to the continuous heavy fog in the past few days, a large number of foreign ships have been stranded in the port. The berthing plan of ships waiting to enter the port has been repeatedly postponed. At the same time, the operating speed at the port terminal has also been affected to a certain extent. 

International ships such as the Hong Kongregistered "Dongxiang" ship berthed at Zhanghuabang Pier and the Panamanian-registered "Voyager 1" berthed at Jungong Road all canceled their departures scheduled at 6:00 on April 15th due to heavy fog.

The sailing plan of the Maltese-registered "Minerva" docking at Baoyuan Wharf has been changed twice from 20:00 on the 14th to 21:00 on the 15th. Now that the Yangtze River channel is closed again, it has to stay at the dock to wait for the weather getting better. It is planned to be docked on the morning of the 15th, a large number of ships such as the Hong Kong-registered "Huanyu" ship berthed at Luojing Pier and the "Pacific Hope" ship berthed at Jungong Road Pier, all postponed their berthing plans due to heavy fog and navigation closures, and berthed at anchorages such as the Yangtze River Estuary. waiting for the weather to improve before making plans to enter the port.

Matson Lines issued a notice of late ship departures on April 17. 

Due to dense fog, the Ningbo and Shanghai port are closed for nearly four days, the unberthing time of the Manoa 492E and Matson Maui 020E will be delayed this week. Currently, Matson Maui 492E and Matson Maui 020E are expected to leave Shanghai Port on the morning of April 19 (Friday).


We would like to remind you that some ships berthing at Shanghai/Ningbo Port may be late in sailing or arriving late in recent days. We remind you to adjust your shipping plan according to the actual situation. 

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